Muslim mother changed her son’s name from ‘Narendra Modi’ to ‘Mohd Altaf Alam Modi’

Some days ago, a Muslim woman in Uttar Pradesh decided to name her newborn ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ as she was impressed with the Prime Minister’s work and his government’s welfare schemes.

Though people convinced her to change her mind, she was adamant, her father-in-law Idrees told PTI.

But now the family has changed the name of the baby boy from ‘Narendra Modi’ to Mohd Altaf Alam Modi. The family was under immense pressure from society to change the name of the baby boy.

The boy’s mother also added that some family members even denied to be a part of the ceremonies held after the baby’s birth. Mehnaaz also didn’t want to invite any more problem henceforth and so she decided to change her child’s name.

The whole family is a big supporter of PM Modi and while talking to IANS, she said: “He still has Modi in his name”. Mehnaaz had earlier praised the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the initiative to put an end to triple talaq.