Troll said “Why Is Dharmendra Behaving Like A Struggling Actor?” the actor gives superb reply

Dharmendra has struck several Bollywood movies on his behalf. He was granted merely an amount of INR 500 for his part when he made his debut in Bollywood and went on to become one of the top actors in Hindi film industry.

Meanwhile, the veteran actor Dharmendra went on to share his first look from the forthcoming web series Taj – Royal Blood on Wednesday. He also asked fans for their good wishes, a Twitter user went on to claim Dharmendra was “behaving like a struggling actor”.

The veteran actor gave him the most humble reply ever on Twitter, which impressed his fans. It all started when Dharmendra shared his look from Taj – Royal Blood on Twitter handle along with the caption.

The caption of the post reads, “Friends, I am playing Shaikh Salim Chishti… a sufi saint, in the film Taj – Royal Blood. A small but an important role… need your good wishes.” Some felt that the actor looked nearly unrecognizable in a different attire as he was seen in a long robe, turban and long white beard.

Responding to his tweet, a Twitter user wrote, “Why is he behaving like a struggling actor?” Responding to him, Dharmendra tweeted, “Vaishnav, life is always a beautiful struggle. You, me every one is struggling… Resting means…end of your loving dreams… end of your beautiful journey.”

A fan bashed the Twitter user for making such a statement against the legendary actor. He wrote, “Some people… How they have the courage to question someone whom they can’t even touch in their nine lives… Always love and respect to you Dharmendra Sir… Wishing you years and years of health… Keep surprising us..”

Responding to his tweet, Dharmendra wrote, “Shaleen, great respect to your loving parents who gave you the most meaningful name. Shaleenta mein hi skoon hai (there is peace in modesty). God bless you Chaudhary.”