Troll teases Kangana by saying “Pathaan’s Day 1 collection is more than your Lifetime Earnings”, here’s how she reacted!

Kangana Ranaut is a bold-spirited lady who hails from Himachal Pradesh. From a girl who wanted to be a doctor to becoming an actress, her journey has been well and truly remarkable. She gave her first movie hit with “Gangster” and now, the actress directs her movies herself.

It is well-known that the Bollywood industry has largely been influenced by people who haven’t heir link-ups in the industry. The so-called star kids of already established ones are already in the headlines for all the reasons and are allowed to stay there despite their success or failure.

On the contrary, talented ones are struggling to set their feet. However, Kangana Ranaut defeated nepotism and made it big in Bollywood. She always speaks the truth and take stands on issues that matter.

Troll teases Kangana online, the actress gives it back in style

Meanwhile, the Bollywood actress is back on Twitter and has been targeting Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback movie Pathaan. While the fans are appreciating the film, Kangana Ranaut is highlighting the negative aspects of the film.

She tweeted, “All those who are claiming Pathaan is a triumph of love over hate, I agree but whose love over whose hate? Let’s be precise, who is buying tickets and making it a success? Yes, it is India’s love and inclusiveness where eighty percent of Hindus lives and yet a film called Pathan”.

She further added saying, “Yes it is India’s love and inclusiveness where eighty percent Hindus lives and yet a film called Pathan which shows out enemy nation Pakistan and ISIS in good light is running successfully”

Meanwhile, one of the Twitter users replied, “Pathaan’s single day earning is more than your life time earnings” To which, Kangana Ranaut gave a perfect reply.

“Nimo bhai i don’t have any earnings left, I have put my house my office every single thing that I owned on mortgage just to make a film which will celebrate the constitution of India and our love for this great nation … paise toh sabhi kama lete hain aisa koi hai jo aise udai ?,” she added.