Daughter of Dubai Ruler accuses her father of keeping her hostage for 4yrs, video goes viral

Princess Latifa, who is the daughter of Dubai’s ruler took everyone by surprise after she accused her father of keeping her hostage for four years. Yes, you read it right!

She made the headlines after she had alleged kidnapping where she claimed that she was being kept hostage by her dad in a large villa turned into a jail.

Moreover, she added that she has no access to medical assistance. Latifa further alleges that she is in solitary confinement without any trial or charges against her in the first place.

Meanwhile, a proper investigation led by the BBC disclosed the videos, which were captured in a bathroom, were taken over the course of many months on a phone Latifa was given about a year after she returned to Dubai in the year, 2018.

Watch the full video below:-

The video begins with Latifa talking about how she attempted to fight back against commandos when she was being captured and that she was sedated.

She further echoed that since her return to Dubai, she was held alone without any medical or legal assistance. The video clip went viral in no time on social media channels.