Ultra-rich girl of Gujarat Diamond trader becomes a monk, avoids family wealth

We come across several interesting stories each passing day. At the same time, some incidents might even be surprising in the first place. In what comes as surprising news in the fresh calendar year, a super rich girl has now embraced monkood.

The daughter of Gujarat Diamond trader who is only nine years old made up her mind to become a monk. She could have easily made crores of money as she hails from an ultra-rich family. Identified as Devanshi Sanghvi, the 8-year-old girl is a heiress to a Surat-based multimillion dollar diamond business.

Despite all that, she gave up worldly pleasures last week in her Diksha ceremony only to become a child nun of the Jain religious order.

Super rich girl of Gujarat Diamond trader becomes a monk, avoids family wealth

According to the people affiliated with the event, her parents namely Dhamesh and Ami Sanghvi including her five-year-old sister Kavya, have all lived simple lives. A family friend on the condition of anonymity told TOI said Devanshi never watched TV or movies.

Furthermore, Devanshi neither went to restaurants not attended any marriages in life. Instead, she took part in as many as 367 diksha (the ceremony of initiation) events by far.

“Devanshi never watched TV, or movies and never went to restaurants or attended marriages. She has participated in 367 diksha events so far,” a family friend said, as per TOI.

In fact, she was reportedly determined to pursue monkhood since she was two years old and she was made to fast in Palitana, a famous Jain shrine in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat.

Devanshi who is one of the youngest to be preferred for “Diksha”, Devanshi has walked over 600 km with other monks and subject herself to a series of enervating rituals before she was finally permitted to become one.