Fan asks SRK why he puts ‘Khan’ as surname, the actor pings him

When it comes to the name “Khan”, three names come to our mind. They are none other than Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

Notably, they are successful actors and have time and again delivered hit films. Notably, they have a massive fan base across the world. In fact, all these three actors are unrelated. However, they happen to share the same surname.

Surprisingly, all three of them were born in 1965. It is due to their longevity and popularity, that they are considered the most successful actors in the history of Indian cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the great actors who has been ruling Bollywood for decades. He has a massive fan following in India and has totally ruled the box office whenever hit movies hit the screens. Notably, fans would turn up in numbers to watch all of his movies.

For the uninitiated, SRK is India’s richest actor, filmmaker, and TV personality. He is famously known as the Badshah of Bollywood and has appeared in over 80 films. The actor graduated from Hansraj College.

Fan asks SRK why he puts ‘Khan’ as surname, the actor pings him

Shah Rukh Khan has time and again proved that he is the king of epic replies on the micro-blogging Twitter portal. This time too, he came up with an awesome reply to a Twitter user.

Meanwhile, one of the fans asked Shah Rukh Khan as to why he puts “Khan” as surname. The tweet caught the attention of Bollywood star as he decided to chip in with an epic reply to the fan.

It all started when Shah Rukh Khan started an ‘Ask SRK’ session on Twitter recently on the occasion of completing 13 years on Twitter. “#AskSrk let’s do. Only fun answers nothing serious to begin the year with…”

A fan asked SRK why he uses “Khan” as his surname since he “is a Kashmiri” in the first place. To which the actor responded, “The whole world is my family….family ke naam se naam nahi hota….kaam se naam hota hai. Choti baaton mein mat padho please.”