Brad Pitt discloses his favourite adult scene and it’s not with Angelina Jolie but with Ex-GF

William Bradley Pitt is a popular American actor and also a film producer. Notably, the 59-year-old is also the recipient of several accolades, including 2 Academy Awards, a British Academy Film Award, 2 Golden Globe Awards, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

For the unversed, Pitt is mentioned as one of the most powerful and influential people in the American entertainment industry. Notably, he first gained recognition as a cowboy hitchhiker in the Ridley Scott road movie Thelma & Louise (1991).

Meanwhile, the veteran actor himself has opened up on his favourite adult scene in his movies and it was not with his former wife Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’.

Brad Pitt discloses his favourite adult scene and it's not with Angelina Jolie but with Ex-GF

Hollywood star echoed that his most relishable moment of passion was when he was on the night-time soap opera Dallas, as reported by ‘The Mirror’.

Since then, he has made four appearances on ‘Dallas’ between 1987 and 1988 as his character, Randy. The steamy scenes were between him and Shalane McCall, who he was allegedly dating at the time.

He was 23 years old at that time whereas Shalane was just 15 years old. When he was inquired about his favourite sex scene, he told ‘W’ Magazine, “It would have been in the show Dallas. I had to roll around in the hay in a barn. I don’t think I had a line. I was just rolling and frolicking.

”‘Mirror’ further states that in the interview, he also said how he once crashed a wedding on the set of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, “We were filming down in this Deco building downtown, and up in the penthouse above, we kept seeing people going up and down. It was a wedding party, so I crashed it. And they were okay with it.”