Bengaluru Airport replies after Woman asked to Remove her shirt during Security Check Up

Just imagine, if you are a woman and someone orders you to remove your shirt during the security check-up at public place, especially at an airport. How would you react to it in the first place?

Won’t you unleash your anger and frustration on the authorities for this cheap act? Yes, that’s what exactly a woman did when she was asked to remove her shirt during the security check up at Bengaluru airport.

The shocking incident happened very recently at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. The woman shared her terrible experience and even asked for an explanation from the airport authorities about why was she asked to remove her shirt in the first place.

However, the tweet was apparently taken down as the passenger’s account has been deleted. A woman on Tuesday alleged that she was asked to remove her shirt during the security check at the airport.

The passenger wrote, “I was asked to remove my shirt at Bengaluru airport during security check. It was really humiliating to stand there at the security checkpoint wearing just a camisole and getting the kind of attention you’d never want as a woman. @BLRAirport Why would you need a woman to strip?”

The tweet spread like wildfire on the internet, which also caught the attention of BLR Airport as they replied, “Hello @KrishaniGadhvi, we deeply regret the hassle caused and this should not have happened. We have highlighted this to our operations team and also escalated it to the security team managed by CISF (Central Industrial Security force) a Government sovereign.”

“Kindly DM your contact details for our team to connect with you at the earliest,” BLR Airport tweeted.

On the other hand, a Twitter user wrote, “This is so unacceptable!! What was the reason for this selective treatment @BLRAirport ??”