If a girl rejects your proposal, I will kidnap her for you, BJP MLA makes a shocking statement

BJP MLA Ram Kadam from Ghatkopar had recently made a shocking statement during Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai on Monday as he promised to kidnap girls for boys if their proposal gets turned down. Kadam took his statement to another when he gave his mobile number to those in the audience, stressing that the man could contact him in a bid to get the girl kidnapped.

“You can call me if you need any help. If you call me and say I have proposed to a girl and she refused, please help me, I will definitely help you. You should call your parents and if they say they like that girl then I will kidnap that girl and bring her to you. Now take my phone number,” the MLA said as quoted by The Indian Express.

Credits: News18 via File Photo

The outrageous video of the MLA making a controversial statement was shared by NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad on the social media platform. Just after minutes, the video got good reach and response as it went viral all over the internet.

NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad questioned women’s safety in Maharashtra if even lawmakers proceed or think like this way. “Another name has been added to the list of BJP leaders making controversial statements. How will women be safe in this state?” he asked.

Kadam, however, denied making such claims and employed the most often used defence of being ‘misquoted’. “I said that children should consult their parents. My statement has been misunderstood. This is a political conspiracy of the opposition to target me,” he claimed.

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