Japanese fans clean up stadium after match, Anand Mahindra reacts!

Anand Mahindra is one of the most loved and most-admired personalities in every nook and corner of the country. The highly-successful entrepreneur is also quite active on the micro-blogging Twitter platform. Every now and then, the most famous businessman comes up with exciting or catchy tweets to engage with his fans and followers on social media.

From posting Monday motivation stuff to expressing his opinions, the Twitter fraternity has seen it all. At the same time, he never shies away from giving befitting or epic replies to the haters on social media.

We have repeatedly seen that Mahindra has a knack for shutting the critics with classy and bossy replies. On the other hand, he also has an incredible sense of humour, something that the netizens would love to the core.

Japanese fans clean up stadium after match, Anand Mahindra reacts!

The culture of Japan has changed greatly over the years without the shadow of any doubt. The younger ones treat their elder ones with utmost respect. Moreover, the people over there live a disciplined life-style, something which people of other countries dream of.

This is precisely the reason why Japan is well and truly ahead of any other nation in terms of technological advancements and other important aspects. Recently, a video clip featuring Japanese fans cleaning up the stadium after the match has gone viral.

Anand Mahindra recently shared an inspiring video of Japanese football fans cleaning Qatar stadium after the opening game between the host country and Ecuador.

“They said they weren’t doing it for the cameras, but I’m glad the cameras still spotted them. The values they’re displaying are worthy of a global audience,” Anand Mahindra tweeted.

One of the fans in Saudi Arabia asked, “Why are you cleaning something that isn’t even related to you?” One of the fans answered, “Japanese never leave rubbish behind us. We respect the place.”

“This is something I had heard of but never thought that this is real. Wow!” – replied the guy.