Solar Panels for Home: Tips to Get the Most Out of This Investment

Everyone needs to understand the value of solar panels and start considering them as an investment. If you have already begun, you have made an excellent decision! Your utility bills and carbon impact can both be decreased by investing in solar energy. Make sure you’re utilizing your solar panels for home to their fullest ability right now, as small steps make a big difference.

Here are some essential tips chimed-in for you to make the most of solar energy:

Increase Your Energy Utilization While The Sun Is Out

Solar panels only produce energy during the day. However, it can be stored and used anytime. The electricity you consume will get the most out of your solar panels for home. You can use daylight to charge the panels while it is available and use stored power at night. But using it efficiently is all you require.

  • During the day, charge your laptop, smartphone, or tablet; at night, unplug them
  • Utilize your dryer, washer, dishwasher, and vacuum during the day

Keep An Eye On Your Power Usage

Make sure you’re using electricity effectively! You can reduce your electricity cost and consumption by practicing better energy management.

  • Utilize natural light as much as possible by turning off the light bulbs during the day.
  • Only heat and illuminate the spaces you use daily.
  • Instead of using standby power, which can add up to 10-15% of a power bill, turn off the appliances from the main switch.
  • When not in use, disconnect any additional devices consuming a heavy load.
  • As heating and cooling can consume more than 20% of a household’s energy, ensure your home is well insulated.
  • Whenever possible, use and purchase appliances with high EECA energy ratings.
  • Upgrade to LED bulbs or tube lights to save electricity.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of all mechanical and electric devices is crucial for their long life and better output. So, solar panels also require regular maintenance.

  • Since solar panels for home are installed on terraces or somewhere in the open, it is easy for dust, filth, and debris to accumulate over time. So, spray your panels with lukewarm water to keep them clean.
  • Dust may appear to be small, but when it comes to solar, it may be a major barrier to getting your panels’ full output. You can use a leaf blower to clean the panels.
  • To achieve maximum efficiency, clean your solar panels twice a year and trim any trees casting shadows on your roofline and panels to store the solar energy.

Use Technology to Keep An Eye On the Usage

You can track the panels’ energy usage and work by using applications that give you all the data. In addition, integrating your system with a smart home can be a solution, as you can remotely turn off lights and appliances while you are away from home.

Keep Your Panels in Good Condition

Follow these solar panel maintenance recommendations for the highest electricity output and the longer life of solar panels for home:

  • Regularly cleaning your panels can free them from debris, dust, dirt, and pollen.
  • Go for the professional maintenance inspection every year or alternately.
  • Make sure to avoid any issues with the solar panel by installing them from a reputable company like Luminous.
  • Be vigilant that no heavy objects or branches that can fall during a storm are above your solar panels.
  • Check your panels frequently for mouse or bird nesting signs, which can harm the wiring and roof attachments.

Think About Battery Storage

The best method to maximize the performance of your solar panels is to use battery storage. Then, you have the flexibility to use the power generation and usage by your panels whenever you want with a solar battery. It prevents the power of solar panels for homefrom being wasted if you’re not home to use it right away. It also gives you complete energy security with 24/7 electricity – even in a power outage.

Bottom line

Solar panel aesthetics are important; there are other elements also to consider when considering solar. To get the most out of your solar investment, you should study your home efficiency, evaluate your solar potential, and learn about tax benefits from the government. Check Luminous today if you need help determining the best solar panels for your home!