Anand Mahindra shares list of countries having world’s top 500 universities, catch details

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Anand Mahindra shares a list of countries having the world’s top 500 universities

As per the information shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter, the USA has 87 top universities, Great Britain has 49. On the other hand, Germany has 31, Australia has 26, China (26), Canada (17), Japan (16), Korea (16), Italy (14), Netherlands (13), Spain (12), France (11), Belgium (8) and so on.

“Ultimately, I consider the long run consistency of a rustic’s progressive capability and its development in productiveness is linked to the quantity and high quality of its centres of larger studying. We want to maneuver up on this list…,” Anand Mahindra captioned the list.

“Perhaps Corporate India might take an initiative or two on this course, Mr. Mahindra. A small fraction of what company head honchos donate to their overseas alma maters would go a great distance right here. Here’s hoping that Indian establishments of studying appeal to their consideration” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, another user said, “Can we achieve it with 60% + reserved seats in premier educational institutes like IIM and IIT? A large section of students go abroad because they don’t get seat in good institutes despite performing well in entrance test.”