Kapil Dev suggests ‘Better Solution’ after Deepti Sharma’s run-Out of Charlotte Dean

India’s woman cricketer by the name of Deepti Sharma started trending on social media after she found a unique way of dismissing the batswoman during the third Women’s ODI between India Women and England Women.

In fact, nobody really expected that her act would become the subject of discussion in the cricket fraternity. The woman cricketer, while bowling, whipped the bails off at the non-striker’s end as soon as England’s batswoman Charlotte Dean backed out of the crease.

From a cricketing point of view, a batsman or a batswoman trying to back out of the crease gives an unfair advantage to the batting team in the first place. On the other hand, the bowling team is on the receiving end, more often than not.

Kapil Dev suggests ‘Better Solution’ after Deepti Sharma's run-Out of Charlotte Dean

However, let’s not forget that Mankading is considered legal in cricket. If a batter tries to back out of the crease, then the bowler has every right to run the batter out in the first place and which is what Deepti Sharma did during the third ODI against England Women.

Kapil Dev shares his views on Deepti Sharma- Charlotte Dean Saga

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev shared his opinions on the Deepti Sharma- Charlotte Dean debate. “In a situation like this, I feel instead of intense debates every time there should be a simple rule. Deprive the batsmen of their run. It should be deemed a short run. It’s a better solution in my mind,” wrote the World Cup-winning captain in his Instagram story.

Meanwhile, South African spinner Tabraiz Shamsi also shared his views on the incident. “My views on that have been quite public. For me, it’s a pure case of bowlers having to keep their foot behind the line and batters should do the same as well. There’s no controversy about that, the rules are there and both sides need to play fair,” Shamsi was quoted as saying in a press conference.