SS Rajamouli gives a kickass reply on criticism for RRR movie, read details

SS Rajamouli is the most successful director in the history of Indian cinema. His imagination is something that cannot be put into words because he turns his imagination into art or a masterpiece, which ultimately ends up in the bigger picture i.e. in the theatres.

The fans from every nook and corner of the country know who SS Rajamouli is because of the directorial acumen that he brings to the table. So far, fans have enjoyed watching his movies. The likes of Baahubali 1, and Baahubali 2, RRR became the major talking point across the world.

The audience from overseas too enjoyed watching his films and have often given positive reviews. This sums up the essential SS Rajamouli for you! He would go on to direct more successful movies in the future.

SS Rajamouli gives a kickass reply on criticism for RRR movie, read details

Meanwhile, the director gave a kick-ass reply to criticism of the RRR movie. The movie became a blockbuster hit in the country. While most people praised RRR, there were some who slammed the movie, particularly due to the representation of Britishers in the movie.

The director clarified the same by saying RRR is a movie not a lesson on history. “At the beginning of the film you see the disclaimer card. Even if you miss it, it’s not a history lesson. It’s a story. The audience in general understands it.”

“If a British is playing the villain, they understand that I am not saying all the Britishers are villains. If my heroes are Indians, they understand that all Indians are heroes,” he said as quoted by Indian Express.

Earlier, Robert Tombs said that the movie portraying Britishers causally roaming and committing crimes is a “sign of absolute ignorance or of deliberate dishonesty”. The fact that Britishers are shown as villains in the movie, he says, is “a way that quite a few countries make up heroic stories about themselves.”

He further added, “RRR panders to the reactionary and violent Hindu nationalism that is coming to dominate Indian culture and politics, fanned by the Modi government”.