Thief bows to Goddess Durga before stealing temple donation box, Video goes viral

Taking other’s objects or property without their permission is called ‘Stealing’. In today’s world, we hear a lot of stories of thieves stealing gold, money, wallet, bikes, phones etc.

But get ready to read a whole new story now. Probably for the first time in history, a thief bowed to a goddess idol before stealing a temple donation box in Madhya Pradesh.

The video clip of the same has been doing the rounds on social media portals. The CCTV footage of the theft was from a Goddess temple in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh.

The thief like any other stole donation boxes from the temple and the series of events were entirely caught on CCTV. Surprisingly, he bowed to the Goddess before committing the theft.

As per the viral video, the thief can be seen bowing before the idol of the goddess. Interestingly, he folded his hands before stealing the donation boxes and other valuables from the temple.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for the thief with the assistance of CCTV footage. Watch the video below.

The thief is wearing only a pair of pants that were folded into a boxer. He sneaks into the premises of the temple and then folds his hand in front of the Goddess.

After that, he steals all the donation boxes. Besides that, as per the reports, he has also stolen two big bells from the temple. After that, he also stole some other precious items as well.