Meet Branden Condy – The man who grew up in poverty becomes a multi-millionaire, read his inspiring journey

We have come across several inspiring stories of people who grew up in poverty and accomplished something really great in life. Stories of people growing up in poverty and becoming doctors, engineers, pilots, cricketers, and scientists are many and the list just goes on.

Now get ready to hear a different story altogether. Today, we will learn about the story of a man who grew up in poverty and went on to become a millionaire in a quick span of time.

Yes, you read it right! The man who grew up in poverty was literally homeless as a child. He went on to reveal how he became a multi-millionaire in just two years.

Meet Branden Condy - The man who grew up in poverty becomes a multi-millionaire, read his inspiring journey

The 25-year-old identified as Branden Condy hails from Virginia. He plies his trade as an entrepreneur and Instagram influencer but life wasn’t that easy. In fact, he was made homeless as a child after his mother was unexpectedly laid off from work. The family was also given just 12 hours notice to vacate their house.

Thankfully, his friends provided them with much-needed help in the crisis. However, they were sometimes forced to sleep outside. Branden’s mother worked for extended hours to ensure her children didn’t go hungry.

The young man has become a millionaire with Lamborghini. He did it all by kick-starting an Instagram marketing company, called Branden Condy LLC. This wouldn’t have been possible without his hard work on Instagram.

He increased Instagram followers through celebrity giveaways.

‘I was often left home alone while my mom worked long hours to pay the bills and keep food on the table,’ Branden said.

‘She tried so hard and loved us so much, but things were really difficult back then.

‘When my mother lost her job, we were asked to leave the house with a 12-hour notice and had to sleep outside.

‘We had to use public bathrooms daily and eventually start jumping between different friends’ homes.

‘At that time I was scared and lost; this is where my drive comes from because I never want to have anyone in my life be in that position ever again.’