Newlywed Couples donate money from their Wedding to CM’s Relief fund, let’s praise them

Jyoti Ranjan Swain and Rojalin of Jagatsingh and Ashish Ranjan Swain and Vaishali from Cuttack district used funds from their marriage expenses in order to donate money to the less fortunate ones in Odisha in the coronavirus lockdown. These two couples from Odisha are leading by example.

Jyorti and Rojalin donated a sum of Rs 10,000, Ashish and Vaishali donated Rs 40,000 to the CM’s relief fund.

As many Indians traditionally save up for a fancy wedding, Jyoti decided that she wanted to skip that and keep things simple. She and her husband got hitched on 5 May with only their respective parents attending as guests. No party, no invitations.

Credits: Google

Just three days later, the couple decided to use their marriage funds for a noble cause. The two had invited Ersama, the local district’s police station inspector- Prasahant Kumar Majhi and Kailash Chand, local block development officer- and handed them over a cheque of Rs 10,000.

However, this was part of the money they were planning to spend on the wedding but have decided to give it to the government instead. This is really nice.

Ashish who plies his trade at the aviation research centre at Charbatia in the Cuttack district also made up his mind to skip the fancy wedding and married his wife Vaishali in a simple ceremony.

The couple had not invited any guests for their wedding ceremony. On the same day as their wedding, they handed over a cheque of Rs 40,000 to Cuttack collector Bhabani Shankar Chayani in his office while still clad in their wedding attires.