Sherlyn Chopra recalls Deepika judging her for wearing short clothes, read details

Fans have often been hearing some inappropriate things about Bollywood these days. It is not just about nepotism but it is something else. Some celebrities crossed their limits and experienced one-night stands and have also confessed it in public.

While some of them were expected, a few were unexpected. In fact, some celebrities even found their true love due to these flings. Besides that, some celebrities like Milind Soman, Pooja Bedi, Aamir Khan (for the film PK), Sherlyn Chopra, and Sapna Bhavnani among others have posed naked for photo shoots in the past.

Recently, Ranveer Singh became the talking point after his naked photo shoot pictures spread like wildfire on the internet portals. One section of the fans praised the actor for taking bold pictures.

On the other hand, others were not too happy with Ranveer Singh’s act and slammed the actor, left, right and centre for crossing his limits to do such a photoshoot.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra questioned society’s double standards. She also trolled famous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. She added that the actress, who is married to Ranveer, once judged her for wearing “skimpy clothes” to an event.

“When I did a bold shoot (photoshoot) for an international magazine, society called me characterless and many other names. Why the double standard? Ye doglapan kyu (why the hypocrisy)? Jab maine shoot kiya tha, mere badan pe keere padey the (When I did a similar photoshoot, was there anything wrong with my body)?” Sherlyn said in an interview with India Today.

Two FIRs have been lodged against Ranveer for the nude photo shoot that he recently did for a magazine. The complaint lodged against him says that Ranveer has ‘hurt sentiments of women’.

With some celebrities across the country backing Ranveer Singh for his bold photoshoot, a famous Bengali actress responded to Ranveer’s photo series with a solid query on gender parity.

Mimi took to the micro-blogging Twitter platform and then tweeted on Friday reading. The caption of the post reads, “Internet broke with Ranveer Singh’s latest photoshoot and comments were mostly. Just wondering if the appreciation would have been the same if this were a woman. Or would you have burned her house down, taken up morchas, given her, a death threat and slut shamed her.