These female actors deserved better roles but were absolutely wasted by Bollywood, catch details

The Bollywood film industry, originally known as Bombay Cinema, is an excellent venue for showcasing one’s acting talent and passion. Every year, we are treated to a plethora of consummate and talented musicians.

While some have already established themselves and continue to excite and astound us, there are many actors and actresses whose abilities are underappreciated in the industry.

Despite their abilities, they do not receive the roles or screen time that they are entitled to. And it’s a shame since they’re actual gems who have made whatever movie they’ve worked on, a big success.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the actresses that deserved so much more but were cruelly squandered by the so-called Bollywood industry, which appears to fulfil everyone’s fantasies.

1. Rajshri Deshpande

These female actors deserved better but were absolutely wasted by Bollywood, catch details

Rajshri Deshpande is an Indian actress and activist who has appeared in films such as Sexy Durga, Sacred Games, and Angry Indian Goddesses. However, the industry may not recognise her full talent.

We say this because her performance as Anita Tandon in the breathtakingly gorgeous film The Sky is Pink deserves more screen time. Even though her involvement was only a cameo, the producers could have done a better job with it.

2. Ayesha Raza

It’s extremely tragic that such wonderful actors are ignored by the general public and, of course, the entertainment industry. Ayesha Raza is one of those performers who has consistently delivered strong performances in each part she has been cast in, but she still lacks the opportunities and credit she deserves.

3. Urmila Matondkar

These female actors deserved better but were absolutely wasted by Bollywood, catch details

This excellent actress was known for her roles in several Hindi films as well as several Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi films. However, her work and roles may not always adequately reflect her ability. Another well-known artist whose career has been squandered by the entertainment industry.

4. Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza, an Indian model, actress, producer, and social activist, is unquestionably one of those gorgeous, gifted actresses who the Bollywood business hasn’t completely rewarded with the admiration and recognition that she genuinely deserves. While she is well-known in the industry, it would be fair to argue that the industry has yet to fully appreciate her talent.

5. Sheeba Chaddha

These female actors deserved better but were absolutely wasted by Bollywood, catch details

Sheeba Chaddha, a remarkable singer, never fails to captivate us with her powerful performances that leave an indelible impression on our hearts. Whether in films like Pagglait or web series like Mirzapur, she delivers consistently strong performances. But, as in Shakuntala Devi, there are many films in which her talent is underappreciated. It’s a pity that the directors don’t give her more.

6. Genelia D’Souza

Genelia D’Souza was underutilised by the Bollywood industry, in my opinion. She hasn’t starred in any big-screen work since her marriage, despite appearing in a number of Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil films. It’s a pity that such a talent was wasted.