B-Town actors whose parents wanted them to choose a different career, read details

Life does not always go as planned. Remember how you aspired to be an astronaut, a pilot, or even an air hostess when you were younger? Look at you now, working in a field that you never imagined for yourself.

Similarly, none of our Bollywood celebs were born with the intention of becoming actors. In reality, many of them battled the shackles of their town’s conventional culture as well as their parents’ disagreements to find their calling.

The following is a list of Bollywood actors whose parents were opposed to their decision to pursue a career in the arts.


Neha Dhupia is number one on the list. Neha Dhupia, the former Miss India and Bollywood actress entered the industry against her parents’ wishes. She claimed in an interview that after she went to Mumbai, her father arranged her return flight to her hometown. Her parents had long wished for her to join the IAS.


Mr. Perfectionist’s parents, too, did not want him to pursue a career as an actor. Despite his parents’ cinematic backgrounds, they wished for him to pursue a career as an engineer. His ambition, on the other hand, was to become a performer. His parents felt he wouldn’t stay long in the film profession when he first started.


Irrfan Khan, the late Bollywood legend, forged his own career in the industry, despite his parents’ opposition. His parents had hoped that he would join the family business. Bollywood was despised by his parents in Rajasthan, where he grew up. To pursue his acting career, he even had to lie.


In order to pursue a profession in acting, the maverick actor had to overcome his parents’ opposition. At first, he didn’t want to work in this sector at all. He discovered his affinity for performing when he was 22. His father had hoped he would become a doctor up to that point. As he was from a small town in Bihar, he only knew two professions: doctor and engineer.


Because Deepika Padukone is the daughter of great badminton player Prakash Padukone, it’s not surprising that her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in sports. She even played badminton till she was 16 years old before deciding to pursue acting. Even though she played badminton for the sake of her father’s delight, it was always her second love, with acting being her first.


Kangana Ranaut has been quite outspoken about her parents’ opposition to her desire to pursue a career in acting. Her father aspired for her to become a well-known Indian doctor. She had a fight with her father when she was 15 years old, and she ran away from home.