Meet Ananya Paul Dodmani, A Determined Social Tribal Activist And A KaramVeer Chakra Awardee

Women have very limited opportunities to study and were always inferior to men. They never really had the liberty to do what men were doing and hence most of the time achieving what they wish to in life was kind of a privilege not many women had. However, in a male-dominated society, some women are braving all odds to become successful in life.

It is no secret that everyone has their ups and downs in life. Although most people give up, there are few people who say “bring it on” and go through an endless, spine-chilling roller coaster of life.

Today, we will learn about the story of Ananya Paul Dodmani, a Tribal Rights Activist, who is working for the cause that changed her life completely. Yes, it was one night that changed things forever.

Meet Ananya Paul Dodmani, A Determined Social Tribal Activist And A KaramVeer Chakra Awardee

Ananya’s life literally turned upside down overnight when extremists took her father hostage when she was pursuing her graduation. Recalling the horrors of the night, she said that the militants tortured her father for 5 days and after which, they phoned a business associate to ask for a pay-off.

During this unimaginable circumstance, her father didn’t budge even one bit. The glimmer of hope shone when, one day, the militants were under the influence of alcohol, Ananya’s father sensed this as a perfect chance to escape from the spot. He ran 50 kilometres before he reached the nearest railway station and then jumped on a train back home.

This shocking incident did frighten the entire family for a lifetime, thus affecting Ananya’s father to a massive extent. In fact, his health deteriorated from bad to worse so much that led to multiple heart attacks. Although he recovered physically, he was mentally affected.

In an interview to The Youth, Ananya Paul Dodmani explained everything in detail. “Hi, This is Ananya Paul Dodmani, a social activist and a Sustainable Menstrual Warrior born and; brought up in the small town of Lumding, Assam. I have been working very closely with underprivileged rural folks across India, getting them proper education and teaching them basic life skills. A criminal psychologist by profession my work takes me to the remotest of villages and; work for their betterment,” she added.

Horrifying experience

Recalling the horrifying experience, she said, “My Baba (father) was kidnapped and tortured for days in the Northeastern region, the trauma which probably will take years to overcome for us as a family, but I still chose to work in the same habitat, building toilet blocks, girls changing room singlehandedly in the remotest habitats plagued by militancy, illiteracy & poverty. I’ve reached over 80000 women across India with the Sustainable Menstrual Program; teaching them to prepare biodegradable pads free of cost so that it would some kind of income for these distressed tribal women.

“During the pandemic now, through my nonprofit Tribal Connect, I’m feeding thousands through our community kitchens spread across 5 Indian states, ration kits were distributed in Kaziranga, Karbi Anglong, and many places across Northeastern India. Over 10k beneficiaries were benefitted by our Menstrual Hygiene and Pandemic Sanitation kit.

“With a belief that there’s no substitute for education, I single-handedly built 146 Learning centres spread across different border villages in Northeastern India, West Bengal and Karnataka where I provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and; education absolutely for free to the kids.

A Karamveer Chakra awardee, 2019, I would like to continue creating ripples in the remote rural community and; help them get the life they deserve. I won’t stop chasing a better life for each one of us in these remote villages however difficult it may get!”