List of Luxurious homes in Mumbai, Check How Much They Cost..

Mumbai is to India what LA is to America; A place where dreams are made or broken. A Lot of people go to the city in search of a better life, and most of them end up settling there.

Hence, the city is home to some of the country’s most famous and wealthy entrepreneurs and celebrities, who live in million-dollar homes and some of these estates are among the most expensive in the country. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive homes in Mumbai: 

1. Lincoln House: 

9 Most Expensive Homes In Mumbai, Check how much they cost....

This 50,000 square foot, 88-year-old historical coastal villa house, located at 78 Bhulabhai Desai Road in the billionaire’s row of Mumbai, India, costs a total of 750 crore INR. The property, originally built for the Maharaja of Wankaner, was on lease to the government of the United States before it was sold to Cyrus Poonawalla, Chairman of the Poonawalla group at a record price that labelled it as the most expensive residential property transaction in the history of India. However, certain issues are going on about the ownership of the property between the US and Indian Governments. 

2. Antilia: 

Named after the mythical Island Antillia, this 27-story, 37,000 square meters, 568 ft tall skyscraper-mansion which comes with 3 helipads, a terrace garden, a temple, a swimming pool, a snow room, a health centre, 9 high-speed elevators, a ballroom, a 168 car garage, and a 50 seat theatre is the world’s most expensive house after the Buckingham Palace, worth 1,97,44,38,70,000 INR or USD 2.6 billion. 

Located at Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, this luxury mansion is home to one of the wealthiest families in India, the Ambanis. 

3. Gulita: 

Located in Worli in South Mumbai, Gulita was given as a wedding present to Anand (executive director of the Piramal group) and Isha Piramal (daughter of Mukesh Ambani) by Anand’s parents, Swati and Ajay. 

Priced at 450 crore INR, this 5,00,000 square feet has amenities such as a diamond room, a temple room, an open-air swimming pool, three-floored basement parking, and multiple dining areas. 

4. JK House: 

9 Most Expensive Homes In Mumbai, Check how much they cost....

Owned by the chairman and managing director of the Raymond Group, Gautam Vijaypat Singhania, this skyscraper is worth 6000 crore INR. Situated in Breach Candy in Mumbai, the JK skyscraper is 30 stories (10 stories higher than the Antilia) and has 6 separate floors for parking alone! 

5. Jalsa: 

Located in Juhu, Mumbai, the Jalsa house is worth 120 crore INR. Given to Amitabh Bacchan by Ramesh Sippy, the name of the building was changed from “Mansa”, meaning “emperor” to Jalsa on the advice of an astrologer. The two-story bungalow was purchased by Amitabh Bachchan in the early 1980s.

6. Abode: 

Worth 5000 crore INR, this 66 meters building which is reportedly 16,000 square feet is home to Anil Ambani, chairman of the Reliance group. Some of its amenities include a helipad, a swimming pool, a gym, and a huge garage. The building has about 17 floors. 

7. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home: 

Home to one of India’s biggest business titans, Ratan Tata, this building is worth 150 crore INR. Located in Colaba, this property covers a total area of 13,350 sq ft and features amenities like a reading room, a tech-savvy video room, an infinity pool, and a sun porch. 

8. Jatia house: 

9 Most Expensive Homes In Mumbai, Check how much they cost....

Worth 425 crore INR, the Jatia house, located at Malabar hill, is the property of the chairman of the renowned Aditya Birla group, Kumar Mangalam Birla. The 30,000 sq ft mansion has a private garden with a reservoir, 20 bedrooms and can accommodate a total of 500-700 people for entertainment. The property is one of the most sought-after residential locations in Southern Mumbai. 

9. Mannat: 

Owned by Shah Rukh Khan, this property is one of India’s most costly and luxurious places, worth 200 crores INR. The 6-floor bungalow located at Bandra has a courtyard, a reading room, a personal amphitheatre, office spaces, a gym, a private movie theatre, and a swimming pool.