10 Extremely Expensive things owned by Bhai of Bollywood, Read Details

Salman Khan is amongst the most well-known and wealthiest celebrities. His fame and success are an embodiment of years of hard work and building a massive fan base. He owes his immense success to his huge and loyal fan base.

His movies do extremely well in the box office and he has a series of blockbuster movies. Salman has an estimated net worth of 310 million dollars. 

Let’s take a peek at the megastar’s life by checking out a list of crazy expensive things owned by the actor: 

10 Extremely Expensive things owned by Bhai of Bollywood, Read Details

1. Galaxy Apartments: 

Home to Salman Khan for quite 40 years, this building is solely made famous due to Salman and his family. His fans serve the surface for days on end just to catch a glimpse of the actor. He reportedly has two apartments within the building. One on the ground floor in which Salman lives is a 1bhk flat and the other is located on the first floor, which is shared by his family. The apartment is worth 16 crores. 

2. Panvel farmhouse: 

This farmhouse is always in talks for all the flowery parties hosted. It consists of three bungalows, one swimming pool, a gym, and an ample place for five horses to run about. The farmhouse stretches across 150 acres of vast land. The farmhouse is estimated to be around 80 crores. Salman and his family are often seen taking a vacation in the lavish getaway place. 

3. Gorai Beach house : 

The house reportedly is worth 100 crores. It is a 5bhk beach house consisting of a swimming pool, a gym, a movie theater and to top it all off it even features a dirt bike arena! This beach house stands atop as his costliest property. 

4. Bandra Triplex flat

As per reports Salman and his family are looking to shift to the Triplex flat from their galaxy apartments. This flat is claimed to be stretching over the whole 11th floor and is worth 30 crores. 

5. Private yacht : 

When the megastar turned 50 he gifted himself a private yacht back in 2016. Ever since there have been numerous parties hosted in a yacht. The yacht itself is said to have cost the actor a whopping 3 crores. 

6. Fleet of cars :

Salman’s collection of cars is one to be extremely envious of. His collection boasts cars like the Mercedes Benz GL Class, Mercedes Benz S Class, an Audi A8 L, the BMW X6, a Toyota Land Cruiser, the Audi RS7, a Range Rover, an Audi R8, and also a Lexus LX470. All of these cars range from approximately 80 lakhs to 2.32 crores. 

7. Bikes : 

Salman owns a Hayabusa which cost him approximately over 16 lakhs. In addition to that, he also owns a Yamaha R1 coming in at 15 lakhs, the Suzuki GSX-R1000Z which is 16 lakhs, and the Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ which is 16 lakhs as well. 

8. Bicycles : 

Salman also owns a Giant Propel 2014 XTC, this beauty is said to be priced at just over 4 lakhs. He is frequently seen on the streets of Mumbai taking a ride on his mad expensive bicycle. 

9. Being Human Brand : 

The Being Human foundation was founded by Salman for the sole purpose of providing education, employment, and medical treatments for the less privileged and differently-abled. 

10. Production company: 

Salman Khan Films is the banner under which Salman ventured into the world of production. The first movie the company produced was his movie, “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” after which he co-produced several other movies.

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