Highest Team Scores In IPL: Top-5 Highest Team Totals In IPL History

Did you know that the IPL is one of the best sporting events in India every year? Since its inception in 2008, all the 13 editions of the IPL have been fun-filled, as the fan base gradually increases every season. Fans cannot help being glued to their TV screens if they cannot make it for the physical matches making cricket the most-watched game in India.

Conversely, the IPL has seen the best batsmen battling out in the fields to put their teams on top of the league table every season. Winning is always the number one motivation in a team; holding the IPL title is even more intriguing. However, high scores in the IPL have been recognized over the years. Here are the top five teams with the highest score in the IPL history.

Highest Team Scores In IPL
Highest Team Scores In IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs. Pune Warriors India

The match was played in IPL 2013 in Bengaluru, making it the highest scored game in the IPL with a score of 263/5. It is rather unfortunate that they didn’t take home the IPL trophy, even though they played a somewhat historic and memorable match in the IPL. Chris Gayle’s score of 175 boosted RCB to be the highest run-scorer team in IPL. Pune warriors only managed 133 runs during this T20 world record match.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs. Gujarat Lions

The match was played in IPL 2016 in Bengaluru, with RCB scoring a 248/3 with Virat Kohli leading the team against the Gujarat Lions. The lions succumbed to a crashing 144 run defeat during this match. RCB played without their star, Chris Gayle, but Virat and De Villers still put RCB on the map with the highest score in IPL 2016. The match now ranks as the second highest run in the IPL by a team.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vs. Rajasthan Royals (RR)

The teams played at Chennai Grounds, with the host team scoring 246/5 in the IPL 2010. Murali Vijay and Albie Morkel saw their team win this match with incredible runs. Vijay was unstoppable during the match as he played effortlessly against the Royals. However, RR still managed to challenge the winners, with Naman Ojha scoring 94*.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs. Punjab Kings

The match was played at Indore grounds during the IPL 2018, with the KKR scoring 245/6. KKR has previously been IPL champions; hence their matches are always thrilling to watch. Sunil Narine helped his team achieve this high score by scoring 75 runs in 36 balls. Punjabs’ confidence was demoralized earlier in the game, demoralized by Narine’s runs that they could not catch up with. However, Punjab managed a score of 214/8 which was short by 31 runs by KKR.

Chennai Super Kings(CSK) vs. Punjab Kings

The IPL matches started in the year 2008. The two teams battled out in the second match of the first-ever IPL league and delivered a very intriguing game. The match was played in Mohali grounds during IPL 2008, with CSK scoring 240/5 to hold the title of the fifth-highest scorer in the IPL. Michael Hussey from CSK became the star of the match as he scored a record 116 runs in 56 balls.

His teammates Suresh and Badrinath also contributed to the win with 32 and 31 runs, respectively. However, the Punjab kings did not give up as James Hopes kept the team’s hopes alive by scoring. However, their runs did not match those of the Chennai Super Kings, as they ended up having a score of 207/4.

These are the five highest scores recorded in the IPL history so far. With the Indian Premier League 2021 ongoing, fans are more excited to see if any of these high scores can be surpassed by their favorite teams. Pure win news is here to update every match as it is played with all important highlights being pointed out.

Cricket has grown a fan base over the years, not only in India but worldwide. Every year, new players are boarded to the competing teams to break existing win records. From this article, Royal Challengers Bangalore has held onto the world record since the year 2013. Which team will break this record and become the reigning champion? We can only wait and follow the IPL matches played each season. Keep it here for more.