These 10 Indian companies attract employees with unique policies, check it out

Corporate life entails steady work with unlimited money and energy that is excessively unsteady and disorderly. Work-life balance and the challenges that come with it become so critical at a certain point that having a pleasant and rejuvenating week off becomes essential. 

However, this cannot be maintained due to poor attendance, reduced pay, poor discipline, and other concerns. As a result, it is increasingly becoming a tragedy how the corporate world is sucking up all of our vitality and leaving us exhausted at the end of the day.

The workplace scenario, working hours, and workload are nearly identical in most firms. However, over time, a few organizations have begun to pay attention to their employees’ well-being and have implemented practices that keep them maintained, pleased, and happy. Let’s take a look at ten of these businesses and their policies.

Location Isn’t An Issue For KPMG India

These 10 Indian companies attract employees with unique policies, check it out

The team and policymakers have a controversial policy that allows employees to work from any location. Its location also determines the point of each area. You have the option of working from home or going to the workplace on a single day. 

The concept behind this is that being away from the office premises may encourage employees to work from the comfort of their own homes. This improves both productivity and quality of work.

Philips: Parking Full 

Philips follows one of the most fun-loving and supportive policies. If the parking lot is entire, the corporation has a policy that allows workers to work from home for the day. This cuts down on time spent seeking a job and puts their staff in a more relaxed frame of mind. They can work under supervision from time to time while being handled digitally in different settings.

Coca-Cola: Come As You Wish

Coca-Cola has one of the most intriguing policies, which turns out to be the most significant benefit for any employee. The organization supports flexible working hours and respects its employees’ decisions. If you work for this company, you can come in whenever you want and leave after completing your mandatory hours. This is useful in various situations, particularly if an employee is attempting to avoid Traffic or has a special occasion on a particular day.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers India: Employee Benefit.

These 10 Indian companies attract employees with unique policies, check it out

Its tagline is “happy employees are productive employees,” and it strives to live up to it. Employees’ complete work cycle, productivity report, and hours are structured to guarantee that they have ample time to spend with their families and in their personal lives. As a result of this, the job quality is always excellent.

Microsoft: Transport Provision

Microsoft has always prioritized its employees’ safety and security. As a result, Microsoft’s Hyderabad location has readily available buses and cabs to provide to-and-fro transportation to its employees as needed. This is a massive help to the female employees’ safety. 

Future Group: No penalty For Traffic

The well-known Mumbai retail company is well aware of the notorious traffic delays that are the source of all employee concerns. Furthermore, to make things simpler for the employees, the corporation has a policy that states that they will not be penalized if a worker is late due to traffic congestion. Employees will be relieved of half of their worries as a result of this.

SAP Labs: Comfortable Work Hours

These 10 Indian companies attract employees with unique policies, check it out

The Bangalore-based firm prioritizes quality above quantity in its operations. As a result, the employees here have the freedom to set their working hours. They are free to come and go as they choose, as long as their allocated work is completed. They are not required to stay for more than 6 hours if it is not necessary. This procedure improves mental clarity and increases enthusiasm and excitement for working in the proper sequence and manner.

Infosys: Transport

The firm is a firm supporter of the “Go-Green” movement. As a result, they supply their employees with cost-effective and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. As a result, emissions are reduced as much as feasible. They also urge their employees to ride bicycles for transportation.

Bacardi India: Work From Home

The Bacardi house has a highly relaxed atmosphere where you can choose your office location and work hours. The organization believes that employees should be left to work and govern themselves without being overly supervised. This instils self-assurance and a sense of accountability, which leads to unrivalled results.

American Express: Public Transport

These 10 Indian companies attract employees with unique policies, check it out

This company is also a significant supporter of the “Go-Green” movement encourages its workers to use public transportation to reduce and cut emissions. Each week, the same plan is followed, and “Car-free-day” is observed at Amex.

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