Girl beats Cab driver, breaks his mobile and then books him under molestation charge- but CCTV footage has exposed everything

Gender equality has been the subject of discussion after a girl’s recent act towards a cab driver that went viral on the internet. The video of a girl beating a cabbie spread like a wildfire on the internet. Social media users have condemned the Lucknow girl for her cheap behaviour towards an innocent cab driver.

Gender equality in our country has gone from bad to worse. When people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, boys, in particular, have often been on the receiving end. If you keenly observe the activities in every nook and corner of the country, boys are being harassed in the name of ‘gender equality’ by the present system and society. This is not good by any means.

In a video clip that is widely circulated on social media, a girl can be seen slapping the male cab driver repeatedly. The video took everyone by surprise. Meanwhile, the girl alleged that the cab driver smashed her with his car. Needless to say, the CCTV footage exposed the true colours of a girl.

CCTV footage reveals the whole story

In fact, it was the girl who instigated the incident in the first place. According to the video, the girl can be seen recklessly crossing the road from one side to the other. She wasn’t supposed to cross the busy road in a very dangerous manner before stopping herself in front of the moving cab. The shocking incident is reported to have taken place at Awadh crossing in Lucknow.

Soon after the cab driver applied the brakes to stop the car, the girl immediately broke the car’s glasses and then initiated a verbal fight with the driver when the latter descended from the vehicle. The Lucknow girl suddenly started slapping the cab driver despite many people being present on the road.

Meanwhile, the cab driver can also be heard asking people for assistance adding that the girl broke his phone. When one of the guys started to intervene in this matter, the girl physically assaulted one of them too. The girl’s inane actions are being condemned by the netizens on social media with trending #arrestLucknowgirl.

Here’s the video released by the police that shows the girl crossing the road even though it was the red signal for her. All vehicles could be seen going forward as it was a green light for the side. The girl could have waited for the signal for her side. She, however, did not give much importance to the traffic rules.

Video of Lucknow girl behaving with cab driver

A social media handle by the name of “Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj” wrote: “UPDATE #Lucknow Case: Restless, I called up Krishna Nagar PS. Been informed that driver & other man were booked under 151. #Priyadarshini was also booked under 107/14. She was let go from PS while men were let go after appearing in front of the Magistrate.

As expected, this woman made allegations of molestation and misbehaviour by the driver but the police now have all evidence to discredit her claims. I am told the driver & other man have filed a complaint against her which may convert into FIR.

When I asked SHO why @lucknowtraffic officer didn’t stop the woman from slapping, this is what he said – “Purush officer the na. Vo agar beech mein aate to unpar bhi aarop lag sakta hai.” (The statement roughly translates to It was a male officer, if he had tried to save the driver- she would have been accused him (the officer) as well.) #ArrestLucknowGirl