When actor Madhavan superbly handled online trolls, we are really impressed!

Madhavan is a famous actor in the Tamil industry and is popularly called ‘Chocolate Boy’ or ‘Maddy’. Besides creating a big impact in Tamil movies, he has done some good movies in Bollywood too. He featured in ‘3 Idiots’, which became a sensational hit at the box office.

Madhavan’s son Vedant hogged the limelight when he won a silver medal for India at the Asian Age Group Swimming Championship 2019 in Bengaluru. Bollywood actor and proud father R Madhavan was blissfully pleased as punch after knowing that his son had made the country proud. An elated Madhavan took to his social media platform to share good news.

The energetic boy took part in 4x100m freestyle relay for ‘Group II’ boys. His father shared a collage of pictures from the event. In the post, R Madhavan mentioned that it is his son’s first-ever official medal representing India at international sports.

Madhavan Shuts Down Troll Who Calls Him Addicted To Substances

Case in point, technology is one of the basic mediums to connect these days and communication is becoming very convenient. For example- Social media. It allows us to interact with people from different fields and different part of the world. The best part is we become friends easily with new people.

On the contrary, some users are misusing social media platforms in the name of freedom of speech. Recently, R. Madhavan was targeted by a Twitter user who claims to be a doctor. The social media user who used to be a big fan of the handsome hunk at one point of time when he acted in the movie “Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein” tweets that Madhavan is addicted to alcohol and substance abuse.

Madhavan Shuts Down Troll Who Calls Him Addicted To Substances

She further backed his claim by adding that it’s because of these infamous habits, Madhavan ruined his career. Twitter user wrote, “Maddy was once my hearthrob. But now it’s so disheartening to see Madhavan ruining his brilliant career, health & life behind alcohol and narco drugs. While he entered b-wood in RHTDM, he was fresh as a blossoming bud. Now look at him, his face & eyes. They speak it all..!”

Meanwhile, Madhavan came across this tweet and gave an epic reply to the Troll. Maddy wrote: “Oh .. So that’s your diagnoses ? I am worried for YOUR patients. ????. May be you need a Docs appointment.”

Fan slams Madhavan for keeping Cross at home; the actor reacts

Indian actor R Madhavan was trolled by a certain section of social media users for keeping a cross at home. Last year, precisely on August 15, R Madhavan had posted a marvellous picture of himself along with his father and son Vedaant celebrating Raksha Bandhan and Avani Avittam which is a Hindu festival.

In a strange turn of events, a troll noticed a cross in the lovely picture and then decided to highlight it by questioning R Madhavan’s faith.

The picture indeed looks absolutely beautiful as the trio can be seen celebrating the festival with joy and happiness. However, one of his followers spotted a cross in the background and wrote, “Why do they have across in the background? Is that a Mandir? You just lost my respect. Do you find Hindu Gods in Christian churches? All this is a fake drama you did today.”

Here is the screenshot of the tweet by a fan who hit out at R Madhvan:

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Credits: Twitter

Meanwhile, Madhavan gave an epic reply so much so that he taught the user a good lesson with a long note. He shared on Twitter: “I really don’t worry about respect from the likes of you. I hope you get well soon. Surprised that in u r sickness you did not see the Golden temple pic there too and asked if I converted to Sikhism.”

R Madhavan went on to emphasise that he respects all religions. He wrote: “I have a blessing from the Dargas there too and blessing from all religious places around the world. Some gifted and some bought. My home is home to staff from all faiths and we pray at a common alter. Like any defence personal will tell you, happens in every unit.

I have been taught from my very childhood to maintain my identity with pride but at the same time RESPECT each and every faith, belief and region. ‘Yemmadhamum Sammadham’ (I respect each religion as my own). I hope my son follows that too.”

“I have prayed at every Darga, Gurudwara and Church. I have had the good fortune to visit when a temple was not around. They have shown me utmost love and respect knowing that I am a Hindu. How can I not reciprocate that. All I have is a lot of love and respect to give as my vast travels and experience has proved, is the only true faith. Peace and love to you too.”