Poor village painter attracts cute American girl, she flies to his village to marry him

Love is life when you completely understand each other. Just like hunger, love gives you wings as well. If you know the difference between ‘Impress’ and ‘Express’, then you are bound to have a great deal of camaraderie with your partner.

We have heard many love stories in the world. But, one must know that love exists even beyond boundaries? Like every fascinating fairy tale, the romance between the USA woman and a Bangladeshi man blossomed just like the butterfly tasting the flower with its feet.

Poor village painter attracts cute American girl, she flies to his village to marry him
Credits: Sarah Kuhm/Facebook

This serves as a testimony to the fact beyond boundaries, there exists a world of everlasting love and mutual respect. This is an amazing love story of Michael Apu Mondol, 28, who is a resident of Kaunia in Barisal, and Sarah Kuhn, a 28-year-old American, who met each other on Facebook a year ago and are now married.

A beautiful love story of Apu Mandal and Sarah Kuhn

Apu and Sarah stumbled upon each other in a Facebook group on November 19, 2017. It was the start of the love story. The couple started chatting on a regular basis and started understanding each other. They developed good chemistry and then had the same wavelengths. Sarah developed a liking for Apu and the latter also reciprocated the same.

What started as normal chats went on to be romantic conversations. Slowly, they started switching to video calls and since then, their relationship became so strong. The long-distance relationship went on for a year and then they decided to meet each other.

It should be noted that Sarah, who works as a nurse at an old age home, travelled all the way from her hometown of Minnesota to Barisal in order to meet her soulmate Apu, who works as a house painter in Kaunia. Sarah arrived at Dhaka airport, Bangladesh where she met her soulmate Apu for the first time.

Since then, they travelled to Apu’s village Barisal, where she was greeted by Apu’s family members. Apu’s family did not have any issues with Sarah’s nationality and religion. They also fixed dates for marital ceremonies. The couple belongs to Christianity and then they took their vows in a Church. After that, they got married as per Bengali rituals. The marriage took place in Bandar Road, Barisal, Bangladesh.

When the news of their marriage spread like wildfire across the region a massive crowd gathered around Apu’s house to see the foreign bride. The couple initially decided to get hitched in the USA but that didn’t happen. Apu couldn’t go there due to some visa issue. So Sarah travelled to Bangladesh to marry him. In fact, she also learned Bengali to form a better bond with Apu’s family.