Watch: Man married for 37th time in front of his family; video goes viral

‘Wedding ceremony’ is a once-in-a-lifetime event where two souls unite for marriage in a bid to start new innings together. Of all the grand ceremonies we have ever seen, a wedding is the most amazing thing in the world.

Wedding practices vary greatly between cultures, religions and countries. Each family will be on their hectic schedule for their son or daughter’s wedding as it takes a lot of time, money.

The activities include shopping, calling photographers, arranging caterers, sending invites and so on. Often our favourite Bollywood divas have been accused of breaking up relationships and happily being someone’s second or third wife.

But what you are going to hear is entirely different. It is not one or two wives! A man got married for the 37th time in front of his whole family.

Yes, you read it right! We are not joking. The man tied the knot with his new wife in front of his whole family consisting of 28 wives, 135 children and 126 grandchildren!

Earlier, the man got married 36 times which clearly explains the massive number of his children and grandchildren. As of now, 28 of his wives are alive and live with him.

The video clip of this bizarre wedding is doing the rounds on social media these days. Sharing a video clip of the wedding, IPS Rupin Sharma wrote, ”BRAVEST MAN….. LIVING 37th marriage in front of 28 wives, 135 children and 126 grandchildren.”

Watch the video:

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