Mobile home worth ₹1 lakh built on auto-rickshaw leaves Anand Mahindra amazed!

Indians are intelligent in their own way without the shadow of any doubt. They have also surpassed Albert Einstein in Mensa IQ Test. Indians and their intelligence have never been in doubt. Creativity is the ability to bring something new into existence and Indians have lived up to their reputation.

They have enough potential to do several sensational things, from turning their brilliant ideas into fantastic inventions. Here’s an example for you. Recently, a man hailing from Chennai caught the attention of the nation for his innovation. He drew praises across quarters for his spectacular work as he turned an auto-rickshaw into a mobile home.

Mobile home worth ₹1 lakh built on auto-rickshaw leaves Anand Mahindra amazed!

His creation not only impressed the people in India but also business magnate Anand Mahindra. The businessman couldn’t stop himself from applauding the architect for his commendable work. The innovation was done by Chennai-based architect Arun Prabhu NG. Ever since the pictures of the mobile home went viral on social media, Anand Mahindra quickly shared the post on social media.

The entrepreneur also echoed that he is looking forward to working with this intelligent architect. Initally, he took to Twitter and wrote: “Apparently Arun did this to demonstrate the power of small spaces.

But he was also on to a larger trend: a potential post-pandemic wanderlust & desire to be ‘always mobile.’ I’d like to ask if he’ll design an even more ambitious space atop a Bolero pickup. Can someone connect us?”

After his tweet went viral, garnering 570 retweets and 4.8k likes. Meanwhile, one of the users also stepped forward and shared the contact of Arun with Anand Mahindra. He wrote, “Dear Sir, I have informed Mr. Arun about your desire to connect with him and the opportunity to work together … he is from Namakal. It was my pleasure to speak to him and share him about your tweet, which he is completely unaware.”

Several users flooded the comment section with praises. One of the users wrote, “Salute to both the Architect and Anand sir for recognition of his art”