Maharashtra woman gave Rs 1.50 lakh supari to get husband killed, read details

It is nothing new that crimes against women regularly take place in our society. Amid all this, women are not far behind in committing serious crimes. Many cases have emerged, in which, women were involved in carrying out heinous crimes. The Government would have the challenge to bring down crimes both against women and by women.

On the contrary, crimes against men are also taking place in our country. In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old woman has been detained and put behind the bars for planning her lover’s murder, by promising to pay the attacker a sum of Rs 1.50 lakh and have sex with him following the murder.

It has been learnt that victim Chandu Mahapur, who was already married had a secret affair with the woman. The man passed away on February 25. After being harrased by her married lover objecting to her getting hitched, the 20-year-old woman hatched a plan to get her husband killed.

The woman recruit Bharat Gujar (victim’s friend), and also a distant relative, by offering money Rs 1.5 lakh and sex. Bharat Gujar was detained by crime branch under senior inspector Anil Jittewar on Friday before he could get anything for the heinous killing of Mahapur.

It is to be noted that Gujar killed the victim by hitting his head and after which he slit his throat. After tha, he hurled the dead body down 200 feat into a crusher mine at Salaimendha on February 25.

Mahapur, who had a financial quarrel with Gujar, had been tempted by the assailant to accompany him to drink alcohol. After he was under the influence of alcohol, Gujar took Mahapur to Salaimendha to murder him. Police received clue from CCTV footage and the rural police team detained the woman, her parents and Gujar for planning a murder.