Indian Lottery Winners List For You To Check Out

Winning the lottery seems like a far-fetched fantasy that only one in millions of people can land. No wonder the phrase ‘winning the lottery’ equates to instant benefits and intensely dreamy scenarios. However, the scenarios were different for some Indian lottery winners who actually managed to reap the best of prizes via online gambling.

List of Indian lottery winners you scored historical victories

Lotteries and gambling hold a peculiar history in India. Here the major portion of the country bans it; however, there have been no such laws against online structures. Yet, there have been historical reports where gambling has been profusely related to the takes of lost empires and kingdoms falling into the abyss of debts all because of gambling. Hence, Indians traditionally look down on gambling and label it as addictive, destructible, and whatnot. However, there are some Indians who proved this all wrong and went against all the way through the historical takes on gambling. They bagged millions of dollars and proved that if done rightly, gambling isn’t so bad.

We all dream of it, but only a few can actually live it, and here is a list of all those who are living the dream. Here goes the list of the most prominent Indian lottery winners:

1: Usha Kiran Patel: The one who bagged 1 million dollars off the US Powerball

This is a common lottery notion that only those with thorough experience can bag the best prices. However, the victory of Usha Kiran Patel begs to differ. She’s a retired woman in her early sixties; you picked out a lottery ticket without any form of math or any particular favorite number in general. She simply picked out a ticket that her lottery’s quick pick option suggested, and the rest is history. Turns out the first five numbers of her lottery ticket matched the winning number, thereby earning her the second position. Her first five lottery ticket numbers happen to be 06-13-19-36-51, the very numbers that landed her with giant prize money of 1 million dollars. Her victory happened in November of 2018 where she was blessed with a crisp amount of 633040 dollars. This prize money was extended after deducting the taxes and duties.  Well, if you see it now, it feels like a pretty good retirement plan.

2: Nand Lal Mangal, who happened to score a victory of 245.6 million dollars in the US Powerball

Well, this is a case where someone kept going through a plan they sketched out for themselves. Here we are talking about Mr. Nand Lal Mangal, a forty-something construction building worker who used to be a lottery enthusiast. He would go around buying lottery tickets periodically to check out his fate and test his fortune. Moreover, he was inclined towards the lotteries that had a payout that exceeded over 100 million dollars. His winning ticket consisted of the numbers 5, 43, 56, 62, 68 and was worth 6 dollars.He got this ticket referenced via Powerball 24 from a supermarket in Guyana. His huge winning ticket was picked by quick pick, and he substantially won in the year 2018. He was handed over an amount of 99,321,975 dollars after being followed by a tax deduction program. After this significant victory, he assigned some of the shares of his winning amount to a trust called ‘Sea and Sand.’ He always dreamt of going to Hawaii, and so he did, and now he has subsided some of that money for a dreamy trip to the tropics. He revealed as such no business strategies and plans to continue his job for the time being.

3: An ultimate couple of Dr. Ashok and Kirti Patel lucked out 1 million US dollars

The duo of Dr. Patels turned out to be extremely iconic with their victory. Ashik Patel and Kirti Patel were a happy couple in Mumbai, where they worked as doctors. And it was one fine day when Dr. Kirti Patel decided to buy a lottery ticket all in fun and light moods. But it turns out that fate had something else in store for them. And that something was 8 crore rupees, converted as 1 million US dollars. Well, their fate turned out to be pretty good, provided they just bought the first ticket that landed them their ultimate victory. Their victory was a huge deal back in 2008 where the concept of the lottery had just begun to develop, and such huge prize money turned out to be a real deal for everyone around.


Winning the lottery might be math and pattern, but fundamentally it’s luck that these people had. They were in the perfect places at the right time, which bagged them the biggest conquests of their lives. All these Indian lottery winners display one thing, and that is to try whatever you feel you should because you see how holding back can cause you a million dollars.

Disclaimer: You can try your luck in lottery if you wish to, however TheYouth won’t be responsible, come what may under any circumstances, in case you do not win it, or you lose a large or small amount of money. This is only informative article based on information gathered online.