Shah Rukh Khan spills the beans on one food that he can eat every day

Shah Rukh Khan, famously known as SRK, is a recognised Indian actor, film producer. He is also referred to as the “Baadshah of Bollywood”, “King of Bollywood” and “King Khan”. He has acted in as many as 80 Hindi films in his career. He earned several honours to his name including 14 Filmfare Awards.

SRK’s Foundation provides further support to acid attacks survivors and for those who have sustained major burn injuries, taking care of medical treatment as well as offering legal aid, vocational training, rehabilitation and livelihood support.

Shah Rukh Khan spills the beans on one food that he can eat 365 days a year
Shah Rukh Khan

On Human Rights Day, he met with the acid attack survivors who will get their disfigured face totally transformed under his foundation. In the video which he shared on his official Twitter handle, many of them can be seen sharing their grievances on not being able to find work opportunities. To which, Shah Rukh Khan says, “we will make it happen.”

SRK shared with caption that read, “If we keep trying we shall overcome”.

In yet another good gesture, Shah Rukh Khan extended his support to the para-athletes by donating 50 wheelchairs on International Day of Disabled Persons. SRK marked his presence for the send-off hosted by Paralympics Committee to the Indian contingent participating in the Asian Para Games 2018.

SRK’s NGO by the name of Meer Foundation has been working closely with Deepa Malik and her foundation ‘Wheeling Happiness’ to make lives easier for athletes as they take guard. “It has been a privilege knowing and associating with Deepa for a cause as virtuous as this.

Shah Rukh Khan’s favourite dish:

We decided to wind back the clock and remember the time when the the Baadshah of Bollywood spoke about his food habits. The great actor who hails from a north Indian background spoke about his favourite food. He said he is a huge fan of Tandoori Chicken.

Tandoori chicken is prepared by ‘roasting chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor, which is a cylindrical clay oven. The special dish initiated from the Indian subcontinent and is famous in several parts of the world. During an interview with a leading daily, SRK said that he loves the dish so much that he can eat it 365 days a year.

Shah Rukh Khan spills the beans on one food that he can eat every day
Tandoori Chicken. Credits: Whisk Affair

Talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s regular diet, the actor usually skips breakfast as he wakes up late in the morning. But when he wakes up early in the morning, then he eats some egg whites, a glass of orange juice and a vitamin tablet.

Shah Rukh Khan usually ignores eating food cooked on sets and likes to bring his food from home. As far as Lunch and Dinner is concerned, SRK eats tandoori chicken and tandoori roti with an exception of mutton at times. He combines the protein part with some bean sprouts or a vegetable dish.