Meerut girl fled from home to avoid ‘arranged marriage’ cracks India’s toughest UPSC exam 7 years later

Sanju Rani Verma, a resident of Meerut, had her eyes set on her goal for seven years. When her ailing mother passed away in 2013, Rani found herself amidst tremendous familial pressure to ‘settle down’ and drop out of college. By the time she was only 21 and had finished her graduation from Meerut’s RG degree college, pursuing her masters from Delhi University. Rani escapes from home the same year and quits her post-graduation program.

Rani had run out of money, accommodated in a rented apartment, taught in private schools, and meanwhile, focused on her UPSC preparations. She cleared the prestigious state public service commission exam in 2018 and is now employed as a commercial tax officer. She aims to crack the civil services exams and become a district magistrate.

Meerut girl fled from home to avoid ‘arranged marriage’ cracks India’s toughest UPSC exam 7 years later
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Patriarchy and social values stand as obstacles for women with dreams.

Women with dreams are often perceived as a burden for many families. They attempt to get them ‘married’ to validate the socio-patriarchal norms of keeping women on the leash. Such is a similar story faced by bold and educated Rani. Shortly after her mother’s demise, her family wanted to get her settled as soon as possible. Rani wanted to fulfill her dreams and did not agree to settle for anything less.

Rani was so fearless that she shouldered all her responsibilities at a tender age. She studied hard under the guidance of her mentor Abhishek Sharma in Meerut. Despite being ill with chickenpox, she managed to pass the exams with flying colours. Although the family has been in distress after Rani’s departure, she wants her people to forgive her and feel proud that even after enduring such battles in life, Rani has emerged to be one of the most reputed officers in India.

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