Girl insults Sunny Leone by dragging her background, here’s how she replied

Sunny Leone, is a Canadian-born Indian-American actress and model. Her real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. The busy actress who has been an important part of the Indian film industry has got many projects to her name. Currently, she is doing many Indian movies. She was a very famous model in Canada before turning a new chapter in India.

Sunny Leone may not have established herself as the prominent actress in Bollywood film industry but she has come a long way, ever since she stepped into Bollywood. However, there is no hiding from the fact that Sunny is one of the best options for item songs in any movie. She has worked with many big personalities in Bollywood including the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and many more.

Considering the fact that she was previously an adult star, there are many people who feel reluctant to work with her. She is always on the target of trolls on social media.

A few months ago, Sunny Leone appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s talk show Pinch, where she hit out at a troll in the most brilliant manner. Talking about the ban of the adult movies in India, one of the Twitter users tried to insult Sunny Leone for switching her career. The Twitter user wrote: “#SunnyLeone anticipated #p*rnban and wisely shifted her career! Indeed a visionary”.

Here, check out his tweet:

In a reply to the troll, Sunny Leone “Seriously, I am a visionary.” In addition, Sunny Leone talked about the decision made by her. She added that she has moved on and has definitely evolved. Sunny Leone said: “I made decisions that were best for me at that moment in time. Have I evolved? Absolutely. Have I moved on? Absolutely.”

She thanked: “Thank you so much for trolling me. It feels amazing because I know how long you are spending on my page.”

Society may hate and abuse Sunny Leone but she returns it with ‘love’ and ‘donation’

Here’s Sunny’s untold story that needs to be told and only after reading this, you would increase your respect for her and you would probably come to a firm conclusion that Sunny is a good human being after all. Most people know just one side of Sunny Leone but not the other side, which is her good side.

She is identified by many as ‘Adult movie actress’ but managed to win people’s hearts by stepping forward to donate a bit for the school in Mumbai. Though the school name is not disclosed, as per the sources, there are more than 300 students who follow their dreams.

She came to know that the school lacked basic facilities. So, she donated a notable amount to the organization so that it would survive for longer years. Not just that, whenever the school students need assistance, she comes forward and solves it. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Sunny Leone for her wonderful contribution which will lit the lives of many students over there.

It was during the pre-release of ‘Jism 2’ that news went rife all the internet that Sunny Leone is auctioning her lingerie for a charity cause. The public pointed out that this is a publicity stunt. But the reality is that the money which she has obtained auctioning her lingerie is donated to a Cancer Institute which is an NGO. The idea belongs to Sunny Leone which helped her promoting the movie as well.

It is cognisance of the fact that some porn stars act even in child porn. Though many countries are protesting this infamous act, porn stars are acting in that. But Sunny Leone strictly said “No to the child porn” despite she was offered a lot of money to get involved in it. In addition to that, she did her bit to the flood-hit Kerala victims. She donated 1200 Kg of food (rice and dahl) to the sufferers of the calamity.

Sunny Leone tied the nuptial knot with Daniel Weber in 2011 after dating him for a year. She has so much love and affection towards his husband and she is loyal to him. Guess you’ll have to change your opinion on her and start looking at her as a good person