Left lucrative USA job, returned home to start a Goat business, now earns ₹10 Lakh

Everyone wishes to do their dream job. There is no one who wants to do a job in which he is not interested in. Though we all dream of getting a job in the United States of America, and many professionals work hard for the same, very few of us actually get the offer because they push themselves beyond boundaries to accomplish their mission. Their ability to look at life with a fresh and positive perspective makes them a class apart.

Getting a job in America is no small feat for many youths. Life is settled when you get a job in an American company. The company offers a handsome paycheck. You can take pride in being part of the multi-national giant company. However, there are smart brains who don’t consider American companies as the final destination as there are several other paths to become much more successful and the story of Abhishek Bharad is one that needs to be told to inspire the youths of the nation.

Abhishek’s father Bhagwat Bharad, a former engineer in the irrigation department, sent him to the USA to receive a good education and make a bright future.

Abhishek completed his graduation from the University of Panchaprao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth. Later he graduated with a doctorate in Louisiana State University. In 2013, he completed his doctorate and worked as a scientist for only two years. But he was not satisfied with his job. Hence he left a lucrative job in America and returned India to start a goat business.

He then thought of coming back from the US to India as he wanted to start an agri-related business. Bharad took a 20-acre land on lease and then bought a goat on rent. This was the turning point of his career. Initially, he kept around 120 goats in the shelter. Slowly, the numbers turned to 400 goats.

The confident Abhishek expected a good start. Much to his belief, in a few years, his business clicked quite well wherein he started making lots of money. He presently makes a profit of a significant amount of around 10 lakh.

Abhishek takes special care of the animals as they are given grass for three meals a day. He mixes protein powder in water so that animals would increase its weight. After 21 days, animals are prescribed drugs and injections so as to avoid illness and diseases.

Abhishek has not confined himself to business but also helps those who are interested in goat farming. He has started a free workshop for this. He is making many farmers aware of the benefits of goat farming.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.