Ajai Shukla- the infamous army colonel who spread rumours to demoralize Indian army, his lies debunked by TheYouth

There has been a lot of suspense surrounding the Sino-Indian stand-off in Ladakh. A third round of Corp Commander level talks is underway. It is quite certain that the disengagement will take quite some time and might as well drag till the onset of winter. According to Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese General this particular span in military warfare is called “fog of war”. It’s a considerable time span which has lack of information on the enemy’s side. This lack of information compounds into information warfare. But technological advancements help us get a sense of actual group positions. It has become rather unsophisticated to analyze and better understand tactical information. Black propaganda longer seems to have any sway over the target audience as satellite imagery clearly disproves them if any. Media and its viewers no longer need to rely on people who want to shape public opinion based on unconfirmed uncorroborated sources. Such is the case of Ajai Shukla.  

Indian Army
Tensions are still high along the LAC as talks for disengagement continue

Ajai Shukla is an Indian journalist and a retired Colonel of Indian Army. He propounds articles on defense strategy, observation and tactics and right now works in as editor with Business Standard. Prior to this, he has worked with DD News and NDTV. He stood out as a news headliner in May for his far-reaching assertions on social media. He spread a serious frenzy among Indian citizenry with his abomination centric views that it was just minutes before China walked solidly into Indian territory and usurp total of Ladakh for itself. 

Ajai Shukla likewise endeavored to keep up the misrepresentation that only Indians had endured losses and just Indians were caught even though it was unquestionably not the case. The announcement made by the Army itself had expressed that there had been losses on the Chinese side too however that was immediately overlooked by Ajai Shukla. In addition, Ajai Shukla underlined that specifically Indian soldiers had been ‘caught’ by the Chinese. Yet, from that point forward, it has become apparent that the Indian Army had taken in PLA men too. It has been affirmed to the Indian media by Union Minister General V.K. Singh too. But, on the social networking feed of Ajai Shukla, it was all misery and the assumption of a dwindling apocalypse. 

Certainly not the first of Ajai Shukla’s over exaggerating claims

For reasons unknown, Ajai Shukla was not generally so prophetically catastrophic about the possibility of showdown with the Chinese. A short clasp of his perspectives on Chinese invasions during the UPA term has now circulated around the web. In the video cut, he can be heard saying during the UPA time that the fringe among India and China had not yet been really chosen and it is something that has been under arrangements since the 1962 War.

Given the propensity of the claim, it couldn’t stand scrutiny of even a few hours

“The Border has not yet been decided yet. This border is being decided for the past 50-60 years and it will be settled at some point in the future. But right now, it cannot be said.. Only an Indian can say that China has transgressed into our territory but from the perspective of China, they had not entered our territory,” Ajai Shukla said. These words were presumably from the time when China intruded into India territory in 2013.

Sarchu Valley, India 2016
Fear mongering of Chinese occupation is a ploy to bring back scars of 1962

Ajai Shukla had unequivocally in 2013 conceded that “Since the 1962 war, China has broadened its authority over the whole Galwan River and Chip Chap River valleys in Ladakh.”

His hypocritical analyses were first spotted on Twitter when his piece on PLA in 2013 cropped up

With the advancement in technology, his claims about Chinese occupation of Indian territory have been decisively been debunked. Sat Imagery show mutual met escalation of soldiers and weaponry along the LAC but no occupation of magnitudes suggested by Ajai Shukla.

The Lies propounded by Shukla reached new heights as he used satellite images to paint a wrong picture

The outlandish claims made by him even bothered more experienced veterans like Lt Gen V. Bhatia who took to Twitter to debunk and appropriate a falsified picture that Shukla was hoping to showcase.

Lt Gen Bhatia presenting a counter to the lies spread by A. Shukla

It would seem likely that his terrified evaluation of the circumstance in Ladakh is driven by his political perspective. His apologetic nature towards the UPA has invited criticism. He has been called a “Congress Stooge”, for which there is enough evidence. Be that as it may, as individuals have found to their incredible disappointment generally, internet always remembers. What’s more is that after a short time, his factional providing of details regarding the entire issue has been debunked to be more close to a farce and propaganda than to the truth.

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