Kachori seller’s annual turnover will shock you, earns more than Doctors, Engineers in India

Selling kachoris is a form of employment and it is far better than being unemployed. People might think kachori seller hardly making some money but the reality is that he is making more money than the professional engineers and doctors. After reading this, people might consider opening a store to sell kachoris in free time.

Do you know much does an average Kachori seller earn annually? lakhs! Yes, you read it right. However, in a strange turn of events, GST officials had once raided a shop selling Kachoris in Aligarh and learnt that the kachori owner had an annual income of Rs 60-70 lakhs.

The shop owner by the name of Mukesh Kumar has been running his small shop for more than 10-12 years in Aligarh. During the raid operation, Mukesh reportedly revealed details about his daily income, expenditure including a number of people working under him and based on the data, they calculated his annual turnover which is expected to be around Rs 70 lakh.

Credits: Google

They also learnt that Kumar despite his high annual income did not have a GST registration. As per the GST Council notification, any business with an annual turnover of Rs 40 lakh is liable to pay Goods and Services Tax. The officials also added that as per rules the kachori seller is liable to pay 5% GST, which is levied on the food items. So, he will now have to pay an annual tax of Rs 3.5 lakh.

Kumar who said ‘yes’ to get a GST registration claimed that he was totally not aware of the rules. “I am not aware of all this. I have been running my shop for the past 12 years and no one ever told me that these formalities are needed. We are simple people who sell ‘kachoris’ and ‘samosas’ for a living,” Kumar told IANS.

After Kumar’s case, officials now start believing that there could be more such sellers in the city making even higher incomes but getting away with the tax.