See how you can turn a Rusty Nail into a beautiful sword

Is there any chance of transforming one object into a totally different object? Yes, it is possible if you are skilled at it. A video doing the rounds on all social media platforms shows that Texas-based artist and YouTuber identified as Bobby Duke received praise from every nook and corner of the world for his iconic creativity.

As per Duke’s video description, the artist had discovered a large, rusty nail in his backyard. If it was someone else, s/he would have disposed of safely. But Duke is a man of creativity and is someone who loves to bring something new into existence and that’s what exactly he did to amass everyone.

Would you believe that he had turned a rusty nail into a tiny sword. Just wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, you read it right. The man had turned it into a beautiful little sword.

The video is just spectacular from the beginning and the ending part is too good and you would imagine how this rusty nail was transformed into a sword.

Credits: Bobby Duke Arts

Duke hasn’t discussed any of his forthcoming projects on his Twitter account. Duke created ample small swords out of day-to-day usage items. However, that isn’t the only talent he has.

He has crafted some incredible sculptures out of things like billiard balls and pencils.

Here’s the video: