Differently-abled woman stitches over 1500 masks for health workers, let’s praise her

During the coronavirus crisis, doctors and healthcare workers are giving absolutely everything in India’s fight against the epidemic which has claimed 934 lives in the country and more than two lakh lives globally.

Without even caring about their lives, doctors and healthcare workers are working all day without taking as rest to save people’s lives. There are absolutely no words to explain their dedication to work.

Case in point, there are good samaritans like Raji Radhakrishnan who deserve massive respect. What Raji had done recently would make you respect her even more.

Credits: TNN

Let’s learn about her story now. Raji likes collecting currency notes and to satisfy her, her mother would offer money.

However, that day, she said she didn’t want money for what she was doing. Raji stitched more than a thousand masks with her mother’s assistance in order to give health workers and policemen working day and night to battle the deadly COVID-19 in Kerala.

On Thursday, Health Minister KK Shailaja wrote about the 30-year-old Raji Radhakrishnan, a woman with intellectual disability ‘overcome the challenges’ and is ‘joining the fight against Covid19 in the state’.

“She was lazy to go to her special school but in November last year, when she went for a few days, Raji learned how to stitch,” says Prabha Unni, Raji’s mother.

Prabha Unni runs a nonprofit organisation called Mother Queen Foundation in Thiruvananthapuram, for people with disability.

“I have seen the worries of mothers like me and I wanted to do something for children like ours. We have been running the organisation for six years now, providing food kits to 20 to 40 families that’d cover them for a whole month, helping out at hospitals and so on. When the coronavirus scare began to spread and people were staying at home, I began taking these food kits to their home.

I’d take an autorickshaw and go around. When my money ran out and I could do that no more, I began making masks. Raji joined in, stitching both the sides and letting me put the strings on it,” Prabha says.

It was at that time she took some masks to a councillor at the Corporation that Prabha was quickly taken to see Health Minister Shailaja, and she took Raji along with her.

“It was my birthday and it was such a wonderful present to be able to see Minister Shailaja, who is an inspiration to all women. She listens so attentively to you and is so calm. Raji was also very happy about the occasion,” Prabha adds.