Meet India’s youngest hacker Onkar Sonawane, who became multi-millionaire at 17 years of age, let’s praise him

Entrepreneurship is a journey that only the daring dares to start and Onkar Sonawane is the best example of how your passion can take you miles if you are determined.

Meet India’s Youngest Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert – Onkar Sonawane, the 17 years old young entrepreneur who is helping companies stay safe from all the security threats on the Internet.

Onkar is the CEO and founder of his company AlanceSec which started in 2019. Along with that, Onkar holds numerous records such as the OMG book of records and the National record. Onkar also found a vulnerability in Google and due to his sharp skills, he was awarded 1000$ from Google.

Onkar has clients from all over the world with the top ones being Google, Mozilla Firefox, Canva, Truecaller, Intel, Edmodo, HTC, etc.

AlanceSec provides the best cyber security services and works on bootstrap. Not only does the company provide the cybersecurity services, but it also conducts seminars and workshops for corporate sectors, students of colleges and also for professionals so as to make them aware of the cyber security threats and how to protect oneself from such threats.

When Onkar was just 16 years old, his elder brother gifted him a laptop due to his interest in learning about the cyber world. However, Onkar then developed a keen interest in hacking while playing games on his laptop, and due to his interest, he worked on learning about hacking from the Internet. He started reading articles, learning from Youtube videos, watched hacking movies, read Google blogs and what not. Thus, after gathering enough information on hacking and learning well about it, Onkar decided to start his own company when he became 17 years old.

He achieved a milestone and started a remarkable journey inspiring many. Due to his knowledge, confidence and courage, he won many records against his name. With just 3 years of experience in cybersecurity, Onkar successfully established the company and is running it well.

Being the best cyber security company, AlanceSec provides services such as web security, network security, mobile application security, etc. Onkar started his company with just INR 50,000 and now he is earning INR 1 lakh a month from his business idea. Onkar’s dream is to reach a turnover of million dollars in 4 years and acquiring the clients from all over the world. We wish Onkar all the success and prosperity for his business in the coming years