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First time since December 2019, no new cases of Corona in China’s Wuhan, where virus originated

The whole world is in a state of shock after the novel coronavirus pandemic impacted lakhs of people’s lives. So far, 8,970 people have passed away linked to coronavirus and 219,367 people were affected by the virus infection. Thankfully, 85,749 people have recovered from the deadly outbreak.

It has been learnt that the coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of at least 3,158 people in China alone and 4,325 worldwide, as per the experts.

Even as China is finding it tough to bring the widespread infectious disease under control, several countries across the world are reporting cases of coronavirus.

People lost their loved ones to the deadly disease which originated in Wuhan, China.

However, in a positive development, for the first time since the virus emerged two months ago in Wuhan, China’s epicentre has reported no new coronavirus cases so far.

‘As work resumes and movement restrictions are lifted, the chance of another wave of infections is high, because the majority of the Chinese population is still not immune as they did not get infected in the first wave,’ Raina MacIntyre, head of the biosecurity program at the University of New South Wales in Sydney was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the health officials are still trying to figure out the exact source of the deadly outbreak of the new strain of the coronavirus. It should be noted that the first known case to have been reported in Wuhan on December 1, 2019.

As the number of new coronavirus cases in Wuhan has dropped, the field hospitals have closed now. Workers in essential industries like public utilities and medical equipment have started returning to work. But the emergency protocol is still in effect and it will be for a while before things return to normalcy.

Written by Krishna Manohar


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