Ambulance driver covers 80 km in 50 min to Save Newborn Twins, let’s praise him

Life is so precious and at the same it is unpredictable. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next second. To cope with emergency situations in India, an ambulance takes sick or injured people to the hospital. How often have we seen newborns or senior citizens die due to late arrival or doctors declare the patient ‘brought dead’?

In the latest incident, a Karnataka ambulance driver saved the lives of twins with the help of police and impressive driving skills. The driver covered a distance of 80 km in less than 50 minutes to save the lives of newborn twins. It should be noted that the distance from Delhi to Gurgaon is almost 20 km and during weekdays it takes over 2 hours to travel.

The police from Haveri and Dharwad districts ensured to help the ambulance cover the distance.

A woman identified as Lakshmi gave birth to twins at Haveri district hospital on Monday. Nonetheless, due to some health-related complications, the doctor had recommended that the babies be taken to KIMS hospital in Hubballi.

As per TNIE, the Haveri police guided the ambulance from the district hospital to Shiggaon and then Shiggaon police till Hubballi and Hubballi traffic police escorted the ambulance till KIMS hospital.

The newborn babies had to be brought to the hospital within an hour and thus the hospital authorities sought the help of the police.

Haveri police then escorted the ambulance driver, Toufiq Pathan as the latter followed them at the maximum speed.
Thanks to police because had it not been for their assistance then the story could have been a different one altogether. The babies are out of danger as they reached the hospital on time and are now being treated in Hubbali’s KIMS hospital.