Chandrayaan 3 is official! ISRO asks ₹75 crore for next mission to create Space history

Indian Space Research Organisation is already switched next gear in working on its next significant moon mission which is Chandrayaan 3.

In the latest development, ISRO has asked for additional 75 crores more than the previously assigned budget for the mission according to a recent TOI report.

The formal request has been made to the Central government and of the Rs 75 crore that is requested, a sum of Rs 60 Crore will be assigned to “Meet expenditures towards machinery, equipment and other capital expenditure.” On the contrary, the remaining Rs 15 crores is sought under revenue expenditure head.

The amount Indian space agency requesting is more than 11 per cent of the Rs 555 crores that it had actually asked before and gotten sanctioned as a part of the original 2019-2020 budget.

Out of Rs 666 crores, a sum of Rs 8.6 crores have been asked for the human spaceflight program that they are actively working on and is scheduled for the year 2022. It should be noted that a sum of Rs 12 crores is used for the development of SSLV or small satellite launch vehicle, while a huge amount of Rs 120 crores is for developing the launchpad for the same.

It has been said that the largest ever demand in this has been from UR Rao Satellite Centre. For the unversed, it is this set up that is primarily responsible for assembly and testing of the satellites that have made India and space program proud on many occasions in the past few years.

Satish Dhawan Space Centre has also sought a significant amount of finances for its development. Altogether, the chunk of finances comes to Rs 516 crores.

According to TOI report, certain insiders disclosed that Indian space agency, ISRO established several committees to work on Chandrayaan 3, however, it isn’t agency’s immediate priority with projects like solar mission- Aditya and human spaceflight mission- Gaganyaan on the charts.

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