Why do I hate JNU? Read these valid points before you make up your mind

JNU students have been protesting against the fee hike in the University since 28 October 2019. Since then they have held several protests for many reasons. The protest reached its hike on 11 November 2019. Students are raising and painting slogans of “No Fee Hike”.

What are the reasons behind such protests which frequently take place only at JNU University? Why not in other Universities?

Here are some points I am going to mention:

Where is freedom of speech now?

Recently, a video went viral in which some JNU students snapped at a reporter. This is very shameful. In this video, protesters were seen manhandling a woman journalist and making lewd remarks against her. One can see in the video, the students told the reporter to get out. “Nikaliye yaha se” they said after manhandling her and shouting at her. This has never ever happened in other universities where a reporter is manhandled by students. Students of JNU, on one hand, talk about “Freedom of Speech”, and they manhandle and shout at the reporter on the other. In this way, one of our fundamental rights “Freedom of Speech” exists only for JNU students not for reporters? Our constitution has given fundamental rights to everyone. Hence, the students of JNU should also keep in mind that reporters have also the same right.

Manhandling on-duty cops

During the protest, the students of JNU clashed with the police after they were stopped from marching to parliament to protest a hostel fee hike. On this, students attacked police personnel and many police personnel sustained injury.  JNU students think that they have all the right to take the decision. Clashing with cops and beating them show that they do not have faith in the administration.

Kidnapping a lady dean.

On top of that, students of JNU held captive the Associate Dean of the varsity Dr. Vandana Mishra following their on-going protest against hostel fee hike. The professor is still inside her classroom and students of JNU are not letting her go. Due to which her health is deteriorating. This is very shameful and is certainly a wrong way of having their demands met.  The students could have held a meeting with the professor and other officials instead of keeping her inside the classroom. There are many universities in our country but we have never heard this before.

Raising anti Indian slogans

Students of JNU have been seen many times raising slogans in favor of terrorists like Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon who have the inclination either towards Pakistan or demand a separate Kashmir, whereas students of other universities or colleges rather spend their time on books.  In this way, they are certainly encouraging separatists and terrorists to carry out more terror activities. It appears that they want to create a hostile environment in the society.

Students As old as 43 years are studying in JNU on tax money

Students in the JNU are protesting because they know that their bread and butter may end up. Their political careers may come to an end. In their 30s, most people think about their job and career but at JNU University, many students are still studying even after they are more than 30-year-old. A Facebook post has been shared more than 1,400 times in which a 43-year-old woman student was seen during the protest at JNU whose daughter is also studying in the same institute. How come these students are still managing to study? They are managing because they have to pay only Rs 20 for a single occupancy room, while for double occupancy it is Rs 10. Studying in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is cheaper than studying in other universities. This is one of the main reasons why most of the students do not want to leave JNU University. The question is- shall we allow students as old as 43 years to study on our tax money?