Sameer may be dead but his organs helped save the lives of 5 children

Organ donation is the best thing which one can do to save the lives of others after the lifespan. Recently, a 9-year-old Sameer Mistry met with an unexpected accident and unfortunately, he passed away. He might have died but he gave a new phase of life to 5 other children who were in desperate need of vital organs.

Sameer Mistry, a cheerful and friendly child has donated liver, two of his kidneys and eyes a report in the Times of India stated. He was a Class IV student of LMP school Billimora in Navsarti district which is located 50 km away from Surat.

Credits: Daily Hunt

His father identified as Alpesh Mistry runs a small bag-making business and his mother Sonal is a homemaker. It has been learnt that Sameer had jumped off a ladder near his father’s shop in Billimora and had sustained a grievous head injury on October 21.

The unconscious Sameer was rushed to a nearby local hospital where the doctors found a blood clot in the right brain. He was then referred to another hospital the next day for medical treatment. Needless to say, all efforts to revive him were to no avail as the doctors declared him brain dead on October 29.

Sameer’s parents knew their beloved son can’t be revived and so they decided to donate their organs. The least that Alpesh and Sonal wanted was that their son’s organs should be lived in other children who were in serious need of organ donation.

Surat-based NGO, Donate Life facilitated the organ donation process and a team of doctors from Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), Ahmedabad accepted the two kidneys and liver, Sameer’s eyes were given to Lokdrashti Chakshu bank in Surat.