While world living in Fear, 4 Bhojpuri songs released on CoronaVirus in Bihar

At a time when the world is living in fear of the novel coronavirus, 4 Bhojpuri songs have been released on Coronavirus in Bihar. As many as 31 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in India so far. 

It has been learnt that the deadly coronavirus has spread in many parts of India including Delhi, Agra, Bihar, Jaipur bringing the total number of people who have been infected to 31. But Bihar, on the other hand, has released four Bhojpuri songs on CoronaVirus.

Many celebrities and singers are having to cancel their concerts and programs across the country due to the dangerous virus. Now, one composer in Bihar has composed 4 songs on coronavirus which have also been released.

The coronavirus outbreak has caught everyone’s attention, ever since the number of confirmed cases has increased to 31. As of now, four songs on Coronavirus have been launched from Bihar. These songs are quickly circulating. However, more than 65 songs on Coronavirus have already been released. The most popular coronavirus song these days is “La Cumbia Del Coronavirus” by Mister Cumbia, which nearly 100,000 people have streamed so far. This song gives a message to listeners to wash their hands and avoid friends if they have the virus.

By far, the novel coronavirus outbreak has spread more than 90 countries across the world ever since it was detected. The deadly virus has claimed over 3,000 lives and more than 100,000 have been infected with it till now. 

Even as China is finding it tough to bring widespread infectious disease under control, several countries across the world are reporting cases of coronavirus. It has wreaked havoc on the international calendar of various sporting events across the world. It has also put the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 under doubt.

Earlier, a group of Italian tourists including an Indian driver were tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, after which they were kept under quarantine at New Delhi hospital.

The coronavirus grabbed the headlines in India after a Kerala student was tested positive for the deadly virus. Later, two more students showed coronavirus symptoms and were also tested positive for COVID-19. After this, the Kerala government declared a state-wide emergency. It should be noted that all three patients in Kerala are students who returned from China’s Wuhan city. However, all three students have recovered.

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