Not Statue of Unity, Lord Ram Statue in Ayodhya to be the tallest structure in the world

After Rs 3,000 crore ‘Statue of Unity’ was unveiled on October 31 in Gujarat, few other states joined the bandwagon to announce that they would also install the statues as a tribute to leaders or any other important thing that highlights the city.

Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath Yogi pledged to build a 251 m Lord Ram statue (bronze) in Ayodhya, the first-ever CM to announce this. CM Yogi wants to give a massive tribute to Lord Ram, making it the world’s tallest structure and 68 meters above the Statue of Unity.

Soil testing has already started for the construction of the statue and the plan is to set up the statue of Lord Ram on the banks of the river Sarayu, Ayodhya. The Ram statue will be installed on 100 acres of land.

The altitude of the Ram statue is expected to surpass one more mammoth statue currently under construction in Mumbai called the Shivaji statue, which is expected to stand at nearly 823-feet tall when it is completed.

The proposed statue will have Lord Ram holding a bow and arrow, with a quiver on his back.

The statue is around 251 metres high including a 50-metre base which will be a museum that will portray some display items that are associated with the Ramayana. Moreover, the museum will also have on display a section wholly dedicated to Ayodhya. In addition to that, it also has a section to put on display the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Earlier, in an interview with Zee News on Diwali, CM Yogi Adityanath had announced that Ayodhya would be built based on how the Ramayana depicted it.

Also, the tallest Lord Shiva statue is proposed in Nathdwara, Rajasthan.