76-yr-old man saved hundreds of lives in Delhi with his free Auto Ambulance

For Harjinder Singh, saving others’ lives in emergency situation matters the most. His auto’s back cover reads “Free ambulance for injured in road accident.”

The 76-year-old former traffic warden is winning the hearts of the Indians and in fact, he is a very good samaritan. He runs his auto for extra hours in order to earn money for the ambulance service and making it the only ‘auto ambulance’ in Delhi.

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Using his regular auto as an ambulance for those unfortunate ones involved in accidents or needing emergency services, Singh has by far helped hundreds of people in Delhi and has also saved multiple lives. He says, on an average, he helps 1 victim a day.

“I cannot be omnipresent, but till my last breath, I will continue helping accident victims and provide medication to them free of cost,” Singh told in an interview with The Times of India.

“As a traffic warden, I saw many crash victims and wanted to help them. It was only after buying auto that I could realise this goal,” he told TOI.

Singh spends some extra time to earn money for fuel for the auto ambulance service and he also roams around accident-prone areas of the city.

“If, god forbids, I come across any accident victim, I rush him to the nearest hospital so that his life is saved. “There has been no looking back since the first day when I was of help to someone,” he said.

He has also placed a donation box inside the auto and does not ask passengers to contribute, rather it is up to them if they wish to put in some money for the service. With the money in the donation box, Singh affords medicines that could be used in emergency situations.

Singh who does have a family to look after him completely support him.

He also says that there are unfortunate times when people die on roads because of accidents and at times, the most frustrating thing is that help does not really reach on time and Singh who cares about others’ lives wants to save the life in the best possible way. Hats off to him!

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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