Watch: A group of Sikhs beat up an Old Man, Video goes viral

Sikhs have carved out a reputation for themselves as a very good community in the world for their notable works and contribution to society. They are respected and admired by many people across the world. At the same time, there are many instances where they have been treated badly by others as well.

Despite all such thing, they put a smile on their face and with heads high, they still keep helping people at the need of the hour.

But a recent video circulating in social media platforms about Sikhs might totally change your perspective on them.

Usually, Sikhs spread peace and harmony among the people but the recent video of them treating an old in an infamous fashion is deemed contrary to the spirit of their values.

From what we can come to a firm conclusion is that not all Sikhs are good. There will still be few others who would cause harm to others but that doesn’t mean that the entire community is bad.

People might come up with possible reasons that the man would have done something wrong which might have triggered the Sikhs to take action on him.

But considering that he is an old man, treating him in a violent manner is not acceptable by any means. Had he done anything wrong, they should have handed him over to the police.